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Easy to Use Employee Performance Review/Evaluation /Appraisal System


Reduce stress and time consumption and increase employee performance and retention with one simple system.

With Appraisal-Smart approved technology, we can provide your business with an employee performance appraisal system that offers in-depth employee reviews that allow you to easily identify and address areas where change is needed.

Performance reviews conducted by managers are not always accurate because they are so time consuming and subjective. Our objective system is so easy to use that your managers will look forward to reviewing their subordinates. Managers will immediately realize the benefits of the system and can even assess which employees are performing the best and which ones need the most help. This allows management to address the situation on an individual basis and make notes of patterns that need attention.

Feature and Benefit Overview

With this system you can:

  • Be assured of employee accountability
  • Increase performance levels
  • Motivate employees for better productivity
  • Increase instances of collaboration
  • Create a transparent work environment
  • Improve commitment levels
  • View and use levels of merit
  • Enhance individual development for employees
  • Increase retention of top performers
  • Enhance customer satisfaction levels

Benefit List:

  • Increase Human Resource capabilities as well as production levels.
  • Access system securely from the Internet or the internal company network.
  • Clarifies expectations of employees as well as company expectations, eliminating any misunderstandings by either party.
  • Make bonus implementation and staff development easy to identify through graphical reports.
  • Easily view percentages to make performance-based calculations simple to do.
  • Note each specific area that needs addressed in order to maintain a certain level of quality and meet customer expectations.
  • Creates an easy to follow paper trail in order to meet audit standards when it comes to employees, their job requirements, and the actual goals met.
  • Other benefits specific to your company needs.

Feature List:

  • Access any time, any day of the year with only .1% downtime
  • Affordable
  • Ease of use
  • Adaptable, providing in-depth information
  • Library for competency
  • Templates for appraisal
  • Detailed Job Descriptions Online
  • Advance Authoring
  • Reporting with graphics
  • Exportation of spreadsheets
  • Ability to send multiple emails instantly
  • Fast setup and integration
  • ASP.NET Technology
  • 28-bit SSL Encryption
  • More features specific to your company needs