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FREE Sales Force Grader

Sales Force Evaluation

Just like going to the doctor for an examination when you aren’t feeling well the sales force evaluation tells the CEO what condition the sales force is in and what to do about it.

Our sales force evaluation looks at the people, systems and strategies in your sales organization. It sheds light on the quality of your pipeline, the effectiveness of your sales management efforts, whether your management team is on the same page, whether your salespeople are capable of executing your strategies, how comfortable your salespeople are with your model for going to market, the amount of business being lost as a result of weaknesses among your salespeople and potential problems with your hiring criteria.

In addition, it identifies the salespeople who should be performing better and what you must do in order to help them reach their potential. You’ll also learn who is trainable, how much training they’ll need and the kind of help from which each will benefit. And if you are attempting to transition your company from good to great, you’ll learn which of your existing people should be on the bus, which seats they should be in and who should be off the bus. We also provide similar information for business development and professional services.

Top 20 Conditions that Dictate a Sales Force Evaluation

  1. Why is our sales performance, revenues or profits are lagging
  2. How effective is our sales management team
  3. Do we have the right selection/ criteria for hiring
  4. Can we hire stronger sales people than we have now
  5. Can we scale with the people we have
  6. What do our people need in a sales director, manager or VP 
  7. During due diligence, a merger or acquisition are we getting what we think we are getting
  8. How can we improve our win rates
  9. What must we do differently to accelerate growth
  10. What kind of help do my people need before we conduct any sales or sales      management/leadership training, coaching or development
  11. How can we identify if we have the right people in the right roles and how can we insure their success
  12. Who can make the shift from transactional selling to consultative or solution selling
  13. Who has the right stuff to hunt for more new business
  14. What is my sales force missing and how much more can I expect from them once they get what they need
  15. What do I do with the under performers? Which ones can rise up, which are in the wrong role and which are too far gone
  16. We need to change our growth strategies. Can my sales organization make the change and can they execute
  17. Are the executive team and sales management on the same page
  18. Why do so many deals fall out of the pipeline in the last week and is our current pipeline solid
  19. Our sales force is under performing compared to other teams, why
  20. We are losing too much business to competition. Is it our product/service, our strategy or our people