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New Hire Onboarding Survey

Learn how new hires view their position so that you can keep them productive and employed longer.

Your recruiting efforts are expensive and time consuming; make them count.


You filled the position with the perfect candidate.
    •    Do they know how much you value them?
    •    Are productivity levels as they should be?
    •    Are you taking the right steps to keep them as an employee?

A new hire onboarding survey allows you to learn the details of how your new employee views the workplace. You use the information to keep your employees happy with their position and your company in general so that they will stay longer. The first 3 months are the most important because this is the time during which your employees begin to form an opinion and decide whether they want to stay on or look for another job. The in-depth surveys in this program can be accessed online and are done within the first week and every 30 days thereafter for 90 days.
The survey questions are aimed at getting realistic employee views that are honest and without compromise. Employees can offer ratings as well as comments so that you get honest, reliable responses. You can then review the employee responses on a spreadsheet, allowing you to make adjustments as needed during this critical time period. The fact that you can make timely adjustments will help your employee develop a more positive view of the company as well as taking care of specific issues.

Added Benefits:

    •    Your employees learn that their opinion counts!

A new hire orientation survey allows new employees to see that their opinion matters and they are not just a number to the Human Resource department. They learn that they are valued and that changes can happen based on their needs.

    •    Obtain Valuable Information!

By using the Retention Survey Program, you gain access to information that you may never have otherwise had. You get to see the workplace from the perspective of your new employee and learn about some of the interactions that occur between various members of the production team. This allows you to head off any problems before they become too large to manage or stop them before they start.

    •    Allow Management to Adopt a Stronger Role!

Human Resource Departments that use the new hire orientation survey get to open the lines of communication. They don't just play a passive role in dealing with employees, but get to take real, specific actions based on real information from their employees. Since the communication is done through surveys, employees know their opinions count, but never have the fear of potential personal conflicts between themselves and the Human Resource Department. If anything, they come to see the department as a proactive portion of the management team. You can get a glimpse of the kind of information you will be able to review and make use of if you click here.

    •    Make the Wise Choice!

The Retention Survey Program is a powerful tool that gives a company insight that would be impossible through more traditional means. You can save money by using the information to retain employees instead of constantly dealing with new hires. You'll learn about areas that need improvement, how to deal with specific employees, and see the patterns that may be causing problems in the work place. You'll also have access to information that can help you see what is working for employees so that you can build upon those things.