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The secret to great management is hiring great people! Unfortunately, you never have enough great candidates or enough money in the budget. In this fast-paced, half-day interactive workshop, line managers and top executives alike learn what it takes to find, assess, and hire top candidates.

In this seminar you will:

  • Learn the Secret to Finding Top Talent And How to Write Ads that Work!
  • Overcome the Tendency to Hire in Your Own Image
  • Accurately Determine Competency with Only Four Core Questions
  • Discover the Core Traits of Universal Success
  • Improve Your Negotiating Position Using Time-tested Techniques

The Principles

POWER Staffing is based on five fundamental principles. Together they provide the foundation for effective hiring, and building outstanding teams and companies. Traditional interviewing is based on what a candidate has in terms of skills and experience, rather than what a candidate needs to ACCOMPLISH on the job. This workshop will shift your focus, so you can make smarter choices!

1. Performance Profiles

  • If you want to hire superior people, first define superior performance

2. Objective Evaluation

  • The best predictor of future performance is past performance

3. Wide Ranging Sourcing

  • Treat candidates as customers, not subordinates

4. Emotional Control

  • Remain objective by first measuring performance, then personality

5. Recruiting Right

  • Recruiting is marketing, not selling

The best managers have the ability to hire and motivate top people, regardless of the size of the labor pool. Managers learn how to do it right in the half-day POWER Staffing Workshop. Participants will have all the tools, tips, and techniques needed to hire great every time.

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This dynamic workshop is based on the book "Hire with Your Head: A Rational Way to Make a Gut Decision" by Lou Adler.