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Improve Team Performance

Tools & services for building high performance work teams

Team building is an art that overcomes differences in style, personality, and other potential areas of conflict. Even when a team functions in total harmony, it may not achieve its goals. For example, what if none of the team members has a characteristic necessary for a project's successful completion? How important would it be to identify potential stumbling blocks before launching an important project? Using a combination of assessments, surveys and training, you'll take your team to a whole new level. Effective teams achieve important objectives such as cutting costs, improving productivity, meeting quality control objectives and meeting customers' demands on time!

Team Performance Assessments

DiSC® Assessment

The DiSC Assessment measures four primary work styles and their impact on one’s ability to manage others, sell to others and work effectively in a team. Use the management reports to assess how an individual’s personality traits mesh or conflict with those of the manager and colleagues. Discover what motivates individual job performance and how to personalize coaching for greater effectiveness.

Harrison Assessment

Many assessments can only give you insight into one employee at a time. But the Harrison Assessment will allow you to compare and contrast teams and departments with the click of your mouse. Design training or understand what makes your team work well together or have conflicts so that you can stop the finger pointing and get back to productive work! Click on the "Harrison Assessment" hyperlink and download the reports, paying particular attention to the "Team Graph" Reports.